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The Biocore project

The EU project BIOCORE will conceive and analyse the industrial feasibility of a biorefinery concept that will allow the conversion of cereal by-products (straws etc), forestry residues and short rotation woody crops into a wide spectrum of products including 2nd generation biofuels, chemical intermediates, polymers and materials. Through the development of a range of polymer building blocks, BIOCORE will show how 70% of today’s polymers can be derived from biomass. 

Hottest news

Apr-28-2014 - BIOCORE final report

After four years of a fruitful and intensive collaborative research on biorefineries, the BIOCORE project is coming to an end. The major industrial and research outcomes of the project are featured in a final public report that can be downloaded below.

  BIOCORE final report

Apr-18-2014 - BIOCORE integrated assessment of overall sustainability deliverables released

In the context of BIOCORE, a multicriteria investigation of the implications on sustainability associated with industrial biorefineries was carried out. A group of researchers from IFEU, Nova Institut, IUS (Germany), SOLAGRO (France), TERI (India), Imperial College London (UK) have worked on the development of new methods to capture information linked to the different facets biorefinery sustainability. The results of the above studies are now available through three public reports that can be downloaded below.

D7.4 Final assessment of the economic, sociallegalpolitical sustainability of the BIOCORE biorefining system

D7.5 Environmental sustainability assessment of the BIOCORE biorefinery concept

D7.6 Integrated sustainability assessment of the BIOCORE biorefinery concept

D7.7 Final report on SWOT analysis and biomass competition  

Mar-03-2014 - Final conference "Tomorrow's biorefineries in Europe"

 In the frame of the three FP7 biorefinery research projects BioCore, EuroBioRef and SupraBio two one-day conferences were held and brought together more than 200 interested industry and research partners from across Europe and beyond to learn about the results and findings of the research projects. You can download the presentations on the conference website (click here). 

Jan-24-2014 - Findings from case studies performed in the framework of the FP7 project BIOCORE


This report addresses the main findings of the case studies, including data related to local biomass availability, logistics, stakeholder opinions and likely acceptance of biorefining in their region. Click here to download the report. 


Jan-24-2014 - Technical note on sugar pentoses

 In this technical note, some of BIOCORE’s results about pentose sugars uses are related in order to better visualize how pentose-based products will form part of tomorrow’s bio-based commercial products. Click here to download the leaflet. 


Jul-31-2013 - BIOCORE newsletter - Issue 3

The 3rd issue of the BIOCORE newsletter has been released. Click here to download the pdf version.


May-23-2013 - BIOCORE video

  The BIOCORE video presenting the project is now available 


Oct-29-2012 - Technical note on lignins and their applications

The 1st BIOCORE Technical Note presents the potential of lignin‑based technology and partners’ achievements on bio-based products using lignin. Click here to download the pdf. 

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BIOCORE has received funding from the European Community's SeventhFramework Programme (FP7/ 2007-2013) under the grant agreement n°FP7-241566