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IFEU (Institute For Energy and environmental Research Heidelberg)

Location : / Germany
Website : www.ifeu.de

 IFEU works as an independent body for environmental research, covering areas like life cycle assessment, renewable energies and energy planning, environmental impact assessment and environmental management. IFEU is a limited liability company and a non-profit organisation. Concerning bio-based materials and biomass for food, feed, fuel, and fibres, IFEU conducted more than a hundred studies about the environmental implications and sustainability of these products and product systems for several national and international clients such as EU commission, FAO, UNEP; national ministries, associations, foundations, industry and NGOs. IFEU staff participate in advisory panels like at the Ministry of Agriculture in Lower-Saxony, advise FAO and IEA, and are in scientific committees or field editors as for “agronomy and environment”.

IFEU will lead the “Integrated assessment of overall sustainability” part of the project  and assess the tasks“Environmental assessment: LCA” and “Integrated assessment”.


Principal investigator

 Dr. Guido Reinhardt is member of the scientific board of IFEU and scientific director of the department “Sustainability of renewable energies and bio-based systems”. Since he joined IFEU in 1991, he has been working in the fields of life cycle assess­ment (LCA), transport and environment, ecological assessments of food, energy, industrial crops, and bio-based materials. He has a broad experience in the acquisition and coordination of large-scale projects (client communication, budgeting, subcontracting, report writing and editing). He is a consultant for national and international institutions like European Commission, International Energy Agency, and Federal Ministries and a member of several advisory panels.

E-mail : guido.reinhardt@ifeu.de




Key personnels



Dipl.-Phys. Ing. Sven O. Gärtner

Dipl.-Geoökol. Nils Rettenmaier

Maria Mueller-Lindenlauf



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