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Location : / Germany
Website : www.nova-institut.de

Nova-Institute concentrates on market analyses, availability and prices of fossil, mineral and especially agricultural resources. Additionally, nova-Institut is expert in economical analyses of value-added chains for bioresources, area and usage competition, and industrial biotechnology regarding resource, economic and market aspects. Technical and economical feasibility as well as environmental impact, marketing support, project development and management, innovation and knowledge transfer are part of the institutes work. Nova-Institut is a founding member of the industrial biotechnology cluster, CLIB 2021 in Germany.

The nova-Institut will work on questions related to biomass feedstocks, especially on straw. Also it will lead and coordinate the techno-economic evaluation and integrated market analysis in  “Integrated assessment of overall sustainability” and will cooperate in the  “Process design” part  of the project.


Principal investigator

Michael Carus studied physics at the University of Cologne. He worked at the University of Tuebingen (nuclear energy and environment), at the KATALYSE-Umweltinstitut in Cologne (environment and resources) as well as for the company Flachglas Solartechnik GmbH in Cologne (solar power plants) until founding the nova-Institut in 1994. Michael Carus is the managing director of the nova-Institut and head of the division “Renewable resources / market research“. Today he is considered to be one of the leading experts and market researchers in Europe for agricultural resources, bioenergy and especially for the material/industrial use of renewable resources. He is involved in building networks in the fields of agricultural and forestry resources, biomaterials, bio-based products and industrial biotechnology/biorefinery.

E-mail : michael.carus@nova-institut.de




Key personnel

Achim Raschka

Dr. Stephan Piotrowski

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