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IWC (Institute of Wood Chemistry)

Location : / Latvia
Website : www.kki.lv

 IWC, founded in 1946, provides research in the field of wood and wood components chemistry and technology, polymer chemistry and biotechnology. IWC has large experience in the modification of lignin and other natural organic materials by thermal, chemical and biochemical treatment including polyol component synthesis for PUR and PIR foams on the basis of renewable raw materials. The target of IWC is the development of scientifically grounded, environmentally friendly, waste less technologies based on biorefinery conception for obtaining of competitive materials and products from plant biomass.


IWC will work on chemical modification of lignins from the BIOCORE lignin stream for their use as the polyol component in PU foams, coatings, resins; Characterization of structure and targeted properties of lignins and products of their modification; Development of methods for phenols production from lignin by catalytic pyrolysis; Demonstration in pilot scale of bio-based PU foams production.  


Principal investigator

Prof. Dr. habil. Chem. Galina Telysheva, Head of the Lab of Lignin Chemistry (http://www.lza.lv/scientists/telysheva.htm.) is a leader of the IWC team. Expertise in biomass chemical and thermochemical processing, modification of wood and its components; chemistry of lignin; composite materials production. Co-author of 2 monographs, 9 reviews, 278 scientific publications, 6 patents. Contractor of 9 EU research projects. She will perform organization and scientific and technical supervision of the IWC R&D work and summarizing of the results obtained.

E-mail : ligno@edi.lv





Key personnel

Dr. habil. Chem. Tatiana Dizhbite

M. Sc. Alexandr Arshanitsa

Dr. Ugis Cabulis

Prof. Dr. habil. Chem. Uldis Stirna, 

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