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INRA Transfert

Location : / France
Website : www.inra-transfert.fr

INRA Transfert is originally a technology transfer company specialised in the field of innovating technologies arising from agriculture-related research. The European Projects Department of IT was additionally created in 2004 for the purpose of strengthening the contribution of the mother institution to the implementation of the European Research Area with the mission to help INRA researchers and partners to setup projects in response to EC calls and manage them when selected by the EC.

INRA Transfert will lead the administrative and financial Management work, risk management, logistics as well as the IPR management and technology transfert. 


Principal investigators

Aurélie Faure, MSC in Agronomy and Nutrition, is project manager at the European Department of INRA Transfert since 2009. She supports the scientific management and the coordination of  large European projects. She has more than three years experience in supporting researchers within the EC research collaborative programmes. 

E-mail : aurelie.faure@paris.inra.fr


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