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Location : / The Netherlands
Website : www.dsm.com

 Royal DSM NV creates innovative products and services in Life Sciences and Material Sciences that contribute to the quality of life.

In the area of white biotechnology DSM is actively working on the transition from a crude oil based refinery to a biomass based biorefinery. DSM has extensively knowledge in the area of development and production of enzymes and micro-organisms and polymers.

DSM will bring its expertise in the enzymatic hydrolysis of (hemi-)cellulose and the conversion technology of C6- and C5-sugars into bioethanol and diacids. Also the properties of the generated polymers will be evaluated.


Principal investigator

Dr. Marcel Wubbolts has a PhD in Biochemistry. In 1997 he joined DSM as senior scientist. Currently he is Program Director at the DSM Innovation Center in Delft. Dr Wubbolts has published over 75 publications and patents in the area of biocatalysis and metabolic engineering.




Key personnel


Wim de Laat

Paul Klaassen

Dr. Mirko Kranenburg

Edwin Berends





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