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The institutions

NTUA (National Technical University of Athens)

Location : / Greece
Website : www.ntua.gr

 The Chemical Engineering School at NTUA is the largest in Greece and one of the largest worldwide with 4 departments and 88 academics. It participates with the Process Analysis and Plant Design (PAPD) and the Synthesis and Development of Industrial Processes (SDIP) departments, with PAPD offering expertise in modelling, optimization, process synthesis and design, and SDIP (Bioresource Technology Unit) in organosolv technology, techno-economic analysis, and the coordination of research networks related to biorefineries.

The NTUA expertise will allow to perform experience in flowsheeting and optimization models, synthesis models, the integration of chemical process flowsheets, concept-based models, and various demonstration/dissemination activities. NTUA will develop postgraduate curricula to consolidate BIOCORE research into an MSc module. 


Principal investigator

Prof. A. Kokossis is the Chair of Process Systems Engineering with 23 years experience in process synthesis, optimization, process design and modelling. He is a chemical engineer (NTUA, Princeton University) with an academic career in UK (he created and managed PSE postgraduate curricula for 16 years) and over 150 PSE publications (25 PhD’s, 60 MSc). He is a Fellow of IChemE and IET.


E-mail : akokossis@mail.ntua.gr




Key personnel


Prof. N. Markatos

Prof. N. Papayiannakos

Prof. E. Koukios

Athanassios L. Nikolakopoulos PhD

Tsakalova Marinella

Katerina Mountraki


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