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Location : / France
Website : www.solagro.org

 SOLAGRO is an NGO created in 1981 composed of 13 specialists: engineers in agriculture, environment and energy, economists and 2 secretaries. The goal is to broaden the scope of possibilities within the fields of energy, environment and agriculture. The Agro-Environment department of SOLAGRO encourages the implementation of methods and practices which contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources in agriculture.

SOLAGRO will work on  the environemental assessement and the sustainability of the biomass production and will manage the Stakeholder Advisory Board.

Principal investigators

Sylvain Doublet 

E-mail : sylvain.doublet@solagro.asso.fr

Christian Couturier is an energy engineer and manages the Energy & Biowaste department of SOLAGRO. His scope of activity goes from field activity (project engineering) to general studies (R&D, state of the art studies, prospective, life-cycle analysis…). Missions of engineering deal mainly with anaerobic digestion of manure, agricultural residues, wastewater, biowastes ; biogas use for CHP plants, bio- Natural Gas for Vehicles, biogas injection to the grid ; heat and CHP from wood and agricultural solid biomass. General studies concern not only biogas, wood and waste-to-energy schemes, but also resource management at different territorial scales, public policy.

E-mail : christian.couturier@solagro.asso.fr


Key personnels

Philippe Pointereau

Anne-Laure Constantin

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