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News - November 2010 - Workshop presentation of the results of the Integrated Project BIOSYNERGY

The Integrated Project BIOSYNERGY (2007-2010) aims to develop multi-product biorefinery technologies for lignocellulosic biomass, notably straw. A strong focus area of the project is the valorisation of byproducts (pentoses, lignins) of cellulosic ethanol production. The ambition is to develop synergistic biorefinery concepts, using advanced fractionation and conversion processes and a combination of biochemical and thermo-chemical pathways, including demonstration at pilot scale of selected technologies developed in the project.


The workshop will highlight the main results of the BIOSYNERGY project in the areas of lignocellulose pre-treatment and fractionation, innovative thermo-chemical conversion, biochemical conversion and chemical synthesis of biobased products including application testing. Furthermore the workshop will highlight results of the modeling and design work, including designs of a cellulose ethanol based biorefinery and results of a developed methodology for identification of the most promising biorefinery chains for the EU, based on energy efficiency, economics, environmental impact and socio-economic aspects.

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