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News - Final conference "Tomorrow's biorefineries in Europe"

In the frame of the three FP7 biorefinery research projects BioCore, EuroBioRef and SupraBio two one-day conferences were held at the prestigious Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels. The two conference days (11 & 12 February 2014) brought together more than 200 interested industry and research partners from across Europe and beyond to learn about the results and findings of the research projects.


Oral presentations were complemented with a poster presentation, a product exhibition, a roundtable debate, a networking cocktail and a 1-to-1 partnering session.

Over the two days some 20 presentations were given, covering a range of topics. You can download the BIOCORE presentations and the other presentations on the conference website (click here). 

BIOCORE presentations

Nils Rettenmaier (IFEU) - Integrated sustainability analysis of biorefinery concepts

Bouchra Benjelloun (CIMV)- The CIMV organosolv process

Richard Gosselink (DLO) - Future perspectives of organosolv lignins

Léonie Raamsdonk (DSM) – From wheat straw pulp to paint: prodction and application of itaconic acid

Merja Penttilä (VTT) - C5 fermentation; strain engineering for high level xylitol (and xylonate) production


BIOCORE posters

LIBRA; LIgnin BioRefinery Approach

Catalytic conversion of lignocellulose into industrially-relevant chemicals

Chromatographic purification of a biorefinery hemicellulose syrup

Comparison of CIMV and ECN organosolvprocesses

Construction of isopropanol-producing bacterial strains and product recovery

Lignin Polyol Modification and Synthesis of Polyurethane Foams

Optimised use of hydrogen peroxide during the delignification step in an organosolv biorefinery process

The cultivation of poplar short rotation coppice


BIOCORE technical offers

LIBRA ; LIgnin BioRefinery Approach for Phenolics - Partner ECN

Organosolv Biorefinery of Lignocellulosic Biomass - Partner ECN

Non soluble technical lignins as macromonomers for polymers synthesis andor high reactive filler and functional additive for composite materials - Partner IWC

Design technology for integrated biorefineries - Partner NTUA

A method for preparing lignin-containing Polyurethane materials - Partner SYNPO

Efficient biocatalysts for production of xylitol or xylonic acid from hemicellulose hydrolysates - Partner VTT

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