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Reports and public deliverables

Findings from case studies performed in the framework of the FP7 project BIOCORE





Report annexes

D1.1: Availability of lignocellulosic biomass types of interest in the study regions

D1.2: Assessment of procurement costs for the preferred feedstocks

D1.3: Understanding the agronomical and environmental impacts of alternative constraints on practically realisable production scenarios in the regions of interest Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

D1.4 &1.5: Description of alternative supply chains and their performance measures for the biorefinery and for a time-phased, scaled-up biorefining industry validated through regionally specific models


BIOCORE integrated assessment of overall sustainability deliverables 

In the context of BIOCORE, a multicriteria investigation of the implications on sustainability associated with industrial biorefineries was carried out. A group of researchers from IFEU, Nova Institut, IUS (Germany), SOLAGRO (France), TERI (India), Imperial College London (UK) have worked on the development of new methods to capture information linked to the different facets biorefinery sustainability. The results of the above studies are now available through three public reports that can be downloaded below.

D7.4 Final assessment of the economic, sociallegalpolitical sustainability of the BIOCORE biorefining system

D7.5 Environmental sustainability assessment of the BIOCORE biorefinery concept

D7.6 Integrated sustainability assessment of the BIOCORE biorefinery concept

D7.7 Final report on SWOT analysis and biomass competition  

BIOCORE final report

The major industrial and research outcomes of the project are featured in a final public report that can be downloaded below.

BIOCORE final report