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What are the principal challenges behind the BIOCORE project?


Climate change and excessive dependency on fossil resources are pushing society towards a new economy that will use biomass as its primary resource. To enable this so-called bioeconomy to develop, it is now important to accelerate the industrialization process of 2nd generation biofuels and to replace other petrol-derived products with appropriate biomass-derived substitutes. The urgent nature of this biomass revolution becomes clear when one considers the European Union’s intention to reduce GHG emissions by >80% in 2050.

BIOCORE is completely in phase with these objectives, because it aims to produce bioethanol at pilot scale and to produce a wide spectrum of molecules, notably chemicals that will allow the manufacture of many of today’s key thermoplastics (e.g. polyolefins, polyurethanes, PVC etc), which together represent 70% of the global plastic market.