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What is a biorefinery?

A biorefinery is a facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce fuels, power, and chemicals from biomass. The biorefinery concept is analogous to today's petroleum refineries, which produce multiple fuels and products from petroleum.


Industrial biorefineries have been identified as the most promising route to the creation of a new domestic biobased industry.


Meanwhile, success in the development of biorefinery concept will require significant progress in a number of areas. Technical and scientific bottlenecks need to be overcome. Areas that need attention are outlined below:

-          Improved understanding of feedstock, reduction in feedstock costs and development of energy crop.

-          Technology improvements for the biochemical and thermo-chemical route, in terms of feedstock pre-treatment, enzymes and efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

-          Co-products and process integration.


The BIOCORE project will address those issues by demonstrating the industrial feasibility of a biorefinery concept.