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Pilot and industrial pilot scale demonstration

An important aspect of BIOCORE is the pilot scale demonstration of certain value chains. These studies aim to provide industrially pertinent data and demonstrations of the feasibility of certain processes beyond lab scale. The first successful pilot scale demonstration of a value chain was that of the production of 2nd generation bioethanol from wheat straw. Working together, CIMV and DSM successfully produced a 150 l batch of ethanol from 1T of raw material. The pilot trial was highly successful, because the hydrolysis of the cellulose pulp using DSM’s thermostable cellulose cocktail worked well and the yield of ethanol after fermentation and distillation was very promising. This initial result shows a good potential, because the pilot scale trial also pinpointed several areas for improvement. Therefore, it is expected that future process performance and ethanol yield will be higher. The result constitutes a key step in the BIOCORE project, which aims to demonstrate the feasibility of producing 2nd generation bioethanol as precursor for materials such as bio-PVC, from non-food lignocellulosic biomass. Currently, Arkema S.A. is using the 2nd generation ethanol to perform trials aimed at the production of 2nd generation ethylene.